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    Awesome Shockwave3d  Multiuser Game

    Ntype Level 1
      http://chaoscars.com looks like a new shockwave game that is great. I never saw thinks like that. Maidmarian.com had the only working Multiuser Community but that game looks better and has more options.

      Adobe is on the right way to make shockwave the state of the art Game Tool. Wise would be to mess up with Virtools.

      The Director Community don't want a flash wrapper or flash functions in Shockwave but a tool that is professional in making Offline Content and 3d Web games/applications. Nice that flashPlayer is spread over the world but some developer want more than a unstable flash.

      If a Adobe hasn't the will to develop it in a good way than they should optimize the xdk that other people could do good work.

      Whatever i hope we see more games in the future with powerful multiuser programming, and than simple 2d flash stucking.