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    Cannot repair Adobe 9.3 or edit within PDFs


      Hello, I'm having two problems.  First, a client has sent me a document in PDF form and I want to make changes within it -- I want to cross some things out, make comments in the margins, highlight stuff,  and otherwise edit as I do within Word using the tracking device.  When I went to open her document, it said that I could only make those changes if I had Adobe Reader 9.


      I thought I already had that but I went to the main website to download a version.  After I did, and pressed run instead of save, I was asked if I wanted to repair or remove the reader.  That says to me that I already have it on my machine. I chose repair.  I tried this unsuccessfully three times, and kept getting an error message called 1316 -- networking error connecting to the document on my computer.  That's really strange because I was right on the website.


      Can anyone help with either of these two problems?  My only real desire is the ability to edit my client's document.  Should I remove 9.3 and start over?


      Many thanks.  Sigrid