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    Increasing the number inside a text box...


      Hey all!


      I am currently trying to set up a mini-test inside of a project (Action Scipt 2) I'm creating and could use some help.


      Basically, it's a multiple-choice test/quiz that adds 1 point to a text box (that will have the number 0 in it to start) if a wrong answer is selected.




      Question 1                              Total: 0


      a) Answer 1

      b) Answer 2

      c) Answer 3

      d) Answer 4


      So say answer 3 is the right answer, when clicked it'll go to the next frame/question. But if a,b or d is clicked, I need it to show some sort of 'Incorrect' meesage (which will be a text box), show the 'NEXT' button (which isn't visable/clickable until an answer is selected) to go to the next frame/question and add 1 to the 'Total' box, all at the same time.


      There will be a total of 3 rounds of 20 questions (60 questions total) and at the end of 3 rounds, if the user ends up with say 20 in the 'Total' box, 5 points will automatically be subtracted from it leaving them with a total of 15 (the 5 points subtracted is a sort of bonus at the end). So on frame 60 for example (the last frame), there would be code telling the 'Total' box to subtract 5 from the ending number. If the total is higher than 0, it'll go to a certain frame and if the total is 0, it'll go to a different frame.


      Does that make sense? Any ideas? Am I making it too difficult..is there an easier way?

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