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    PHP website displays on web server but only text shows on local testing server


      Hi,  I am not a PHP programmer.


      I tried to get the testing server set up in the DW site definition area but was unsuccessful so I am back tracking to first make sure I have a working testing server. So, here is the info:


      I took on a new client with a simple PHP site, without any databases.
      The site is up and running on the web.
      I would like to eventually get it running on my local machine to integrate editable regions for use with Adobe Contribute.
      I have latest version of WAMP installed running Apache version 2.2.11 and PHP version 5.3.0
      I created a directory in the WAMP "www" project directory and it shows up  like it's supposed to when I browse to "localhost"




      The home page of website displays text but no, images, styles, footer, header, nav links, etc.


      Here is the code for the home page:





      This is the content area. This is the content area. This is the content area.





      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have spent many hours on this.