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    Unable to compile webhelp (RH8)


      I've recently upgraded to RoboHelp 8 and am having problems compiling a webhelp project. When generating a webhelp output, RH8 always crashes while "updating files" (RoboHelp 8 has encountered a problem and needs to close). It seems to occur in the same spot each time. I created a test project and the webhelp output worked fine. I also tried a different output in the problematic project (i.e. WebHelp Pro) and the project compiled fine.


      I was able to compile the problematic project 5 times out of 10 up until yesterday. Now the project is consistently crashing during compiling. I've tried deleting and reinstalling RoboHelp, and deleting and recreating my WebHelp SSL, to no avail. Any suggestions?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          When you say you deleted the SSL, do you mean the folder or the layout in Project Manager? Try both as the first step.


          I am guessing that will fail but it's worth the effort. Next make make a zip copy of the project and put it somewhere safe, you cannot accidentally open that and wreck the backup as well.


          Unless the Output Log gives you a clue as to the rogue topic, delete half the topics and ignore broken link reports. Compile again, if it stil fails, delete another bunch until you can compile. Obviously the rogue is in the last batch deleted.


          You can extract further copies of the backup but don't delete it!


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            Chrodgers Level 1

            Peter, I must admit I was relieved to see your name in my Inbox. When I previously deleted the SSL, I deleted the Webhelp folder in Explorer, but not the entire !SSL! folder. After reading your suggestions, I deleted the entire !SSL! folder in Explorer, recreated the SSL and it worked. Just wanted to post that here in case someone else encounters this problem.


            I can't thank you enough!