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    Flash Form SUBMIT button

    Mary_Alice Level 1
      This is the first time I have created a form in Flash and used php. The form is supposed to go to my email when someone completes it.

      I created a simple form with text input areas for Name, another for address, another for city,state, zip, another for phone, another for email, and a large input area for comments.

      After the email area, I have placed radio buttons--about four of them.

      I created a SUBMIT button from Flash's components. I linked my email but it does not show when I edit in Dreamweaver. Something is wrong. I receive no form information coming to my email address. Perhaps, there is something wrong with the Actionscript (see below). I placed the Actionscript for the SUBMIT button. I found that Actionscript somewhere online. That is the only Actionscript I have used for the form. When you respond, please kindly reply to art.design@comcast.net. Thanks. Mary Alice
      on (release) {

      // logical operator makes sure the textfield is not blank. IndexOf checks for "@" and "." characters in textfield

      if (!email.length || email.indexOf("@") == -1 || email.indexOf(".") == -1) {

      results = "Please check your e-mail address.";

      } else if (!comments.length) {

      results = "Please enter your comments.";

      } else if (!name.length) {

      results = "Please enter your name.";

      } else {

      loadVariablesNum (" http://yoursite.com/mailform.php", 0, "GET");

      results = "Sending Data...";