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    Opening jpgs as raw... image size


      My office color corrects thousands of images per day for newsprint. These come in mostly as jpgs and some tifs and eps files. Most of these need a lot of color correction work, and I've found that opening jpgs with the RAW dialogue box and tweaking them there can be a huge time-saver (one menu with a bunch of sliders, versus opening curves, shadow highlight, hue/sat, color balance, etc.)


      However! There are two things preventing us from utilizing the ability to open jpgs and using the raw dialogue box:


      1. Image size. We are dealing with images from several customers who need us to maintain their original image size and dpi, whatever that may be. Other customers want us to maintain the width/height and rasample the image down to 200dpi. (example: take this 3x5" @ 956dpi and make it 3x5" @ 200dpi) If I open one of their images in raw, I don't know what the original width/height were because the file has been resized to whatever I used on the last image. I've noticed it defaults to 240. The original jpg dpi changes with each image we get. Is there any way to make the raw dialogue box not change the image size? Which leads me to...


      2. Once I've opened a jpg using the raw dialogue box it will always open up again in raw (always changing the image size.) If I want to just open my jpg as a regular image in photoshop, I have to go to camera raw preferences and disable the ability to use raw on jpgs. Is there a faster way to ignore the raw settings on a jpg once it has been altered as raw?


      So this is why we don't use raw, even though it'd be a huge advantage for us to be able to make these color corrections. If anyone has any ideas how to get around these, or even an easier workflow, I'd appreciate it!

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          Jeff Schewe-dxJlyU

          For #1, if you look at the image in Bridge you can note the dimensions and resolution...you would then need to put that same resolution in the ACR resolution field.


          For #2, no...as you note the ACR Preference controls whether or not Camera Raw will be used to open the image. You can use the Shift key when double clicking in Bridge to open the image directly into Photoshop and bypass the ACR dlog, but Camera Raw will still be used if it's set to be used in the Preferences...


          You'll need to keep your image resizing just in Photoshop because Camera Raw is not designed to do that sort of resize/resampling...it's designed first and foremost as a raw processor and later added the ability to open and process camera JPEGs and TIFFs. Putting those kind of controls into Camera Raw wouldn't make sense since the end result of an image opened into Camera Raw is supposed to be an image processed and opened into Photoshop. So, what you are wishing for is really outside of the scope of the development design...sorry.

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            Katego Level 1

            Jeff, thank you! I realize that what we're using RAW for is not its main purpose so I didn't think I'd ever find an answer, but both of your suggestions are very easy workarounds. I'm not very familiar with Bridge so I didn't realize the image size was right there. I'll pass these tips along to the rest of my office.