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    How to use carriage return in formcalc


      I'm sure the answer to this question is simple, but being new to formcalc (and scripting in general) I am having problems with it.


      The details:

      I have a dynamic form in livecycle. The two fields I am having problems with currently are a drop down list, and a text box (not field) associated with it. What is listed in the text box is dependant upon the choice from the dropdown list. So far everything is, functionally, working. I have the formcalc scripting event set to change on the dropdown list with the following script


      if (xfa.event.newText == "Office 1") then

           OfficeAddress1 = "123 Street Road #xD Town City, US 12121 #xD (111) 555-1414"



      "Office 1" being the dropdown selection

      OfficeAddress1 being the name of the text field

      The fake address being the address, seperated by carriage return symbols (#xD) to indicate where I want it to jump to the next line.


      The script is working fine except that the #xD symbols are showing up on the final form. How do I prevent this?


      Thanks for you assistance.