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    Get process id and task id for long-lived process?

    mike.tx.edu Level 1



      I have created a long-lived process that will assign a task to a user. The user then has two options to Accept or Reject. Accept route saves the data to the database. Reject does not save. 


      I want to invoke this process in .Net and need to know how to get the current task id of the process invoked. I know that invoking the async method returns an invocation id. How do I use this value to get to the current task id of the process?


      I then want to be able to call a method to complete this task outside of workspace. For example, on my form I would have an Approve and Reject button. If user clicks Approve it would choose the approve route in the process and if Reject button clicked it would take the reject route. What would be the API call to do this in .Net that would trigger the appropriate route given the button clicked on the Form?


      Any help would be appreciated.