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          I do not know of a way to set the cursor scheme in Windows. I thik the
          standard way of setting cursors would be to bring each cursor into
          Director and use the appropriate cursor at the appropriate time.

          Also, while you have your single computer set up with a custom cursor
          scheme, that will not be set up on other computers, so if your game is
          to rely on having this scheme setup in advance, there is a lot more
          complexity involved in getting the user to set it up before they play
          the game.
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              That is a terrible idea. You, as developer of software, have no right
              whatsoever to change someone's Windows settings. That would seriously
              piss me off if I went to run a game and for some reason (maybe the game
              crashes or something) my Windows settings are changed. It is one thing
              if you say "a window will pop up to let you change your settings. For
              best results choose <My Custom Cursor>" or something. That can be done,
              and it allows the user to have the choice to make the change, and an
              understanding of what is being done in case they need to get their old
              settings back.

              But that is pretty annoying too. I think you are going about this
              wrong. Instead of trying to globally change the cursors that Windows
              uses, why not just import the graphics into Director and make them
              follow the cursor around.. Then hide the actual cursor, so it appears
              that your custom graphic is in fact the cursor. If your cursors are
              still images, then import them as 32 bit png files if transparency is
              needed. Use any format you want if transparency is not needed.

              Add that member to your score and put this script on it:

              on beginSprite me
              cursor 200

              on prepareFrame me
              sprite(me.spriteNum).loc=the mouseLoc

              on changeCursor me, vMembername

              Whenever you want to change the cursor, like to an hourglass or
              whatever, just use this command:


              where "hourglass" is the member name of another image that you want to
              use as a fake cursor.
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                Im not wanting to change there settings for good That would seriously piss me off too. Lots projectors change the screen resolution or the cursor Scheme then when
                the player ends the game & it goes back to the syetem settings. I have done idea follow the cursor around then hide the cursor i used the cursor 200 i the blank
                cursor to hide the mouse , i just wanted to have a real set up not a fake 1 and i have never had a director game crash my pc or lost settings i want the players to have the best experence. i need to try to talk to my friend that made the dark fall games he got me started on all this with director and 3dsmax