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    Do I have the right software for my needs?


      I have an issue with just jumping on forums and asking for help with code and build assistance, how do i do this or that.


      My point in this visit is because of some frustration with designing a simple flash vid. I have no idea what Adobe product I should be using because the site poorly defines the products they have. All I want is a video that fades through a few pictures on a loop. Something too heavy for a gif.


      The learning video's go right past this level of basics into application building and the help files are so adjoined to hard code, I feel like Flex is not the right thing to be using.


      Can someone give me a suggestion as to what software I should look at OR a better push in the direction of learning how to use this builder. Please excuse my stubbornness to envelop myself in this software but I have less time than i care to admit.









      If you wanted some details on what i am stuck with, for starters, i have to states (an image in each) and i'm trying to make a fade transition between the two. What i am having trouble finding is how to implement a timer that automatically activates that transition.    ....ok, i sunk to my predefined low ;p