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    putting flash movie onto a web page


      once I have created a flash movie, how do

      I put that movie on another web page

      I am constructing using html and css?

      I only want the flash movie to occupy a an area of 770px width and 75px height and I have already created the div id=""

      and formatted in css. I just need to put the flash movie in this section.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you publish the swf also have Flash publish an html file.  Copy the Flash embedding code that is used in the html file into your html page/div.  Depending which version of Flash you're using, the html file it creates may also make it necessary to include a js file for the file to be able to be displayed, such as an AC_RunActiveContent.js file.  You should see a link to it in the head section if so.


          You can adjust the width and height parameters in the html embedding code to your desired dimensions.