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    Can't apply a CSS to "a" tag in htmlText?

    Handycam Level 1
      I've got a text object:

      <mx:Text width="95%" id="abstract" htmlText="{movies.selectedItem..Abstract.p}" />

      In this htmlText reference is a link, like:

      <p>To learn more about Richards' technique for making window sashes, read his article†<a href="/finehomebuilding/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&amp;ItemID=71936">Building a Divided-Lite Storm Sash</a>.</p>

      The text, as expected, is not styled like a hyperlink. But according to Flex docs, I can style it with css, so I use a CSS with:

      a:link, a:hover, a:active { color: #ff0000; }

      I have also tried: a { color: #ff0000; }

      Nothing happens. Why is this, and how do I get the link to style?