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    Work Flow with Ant

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      I have a reasonably complicated Actionscript project which uses TLF and has many different application files.  Some files produce lists of classes which are excluded from other swfs which will be loaded into them.  I manage this through Ant build files.


      I set up launch files in the Builder menu for the project as described here:



      This is very useful - you can publish swfs via Ant by pressing f11 and have them launch using the Flash Builder debugger.


      However, my work flow is frustrating when I have a compile error. In that case I want to compile just the single swf that has the compilation error so I can read the error output from the compiler in the console.  BUT when I use a custom Launch file rather than the default Flex Builder then clicking on a single ANT target from an Ant window (Windows, Other views > Ant) it first executes the Launch file set in the builder   and then compiles the single target I clicked. If I switch the Builder back to Flex then I can click the Ant target and it will simply execute that target.


      Is there something wrong about the way I have configured this?