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    Hybrid workflow - moblie and studio.  Experiences?

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      I have a client's project that will demand I be able to edit at their site with a laptop and then return to my studio and edit the project there also.   I will be the only editor, so the project will never be changed on both platforms at the same time.  My intuition tells me that I should be able to simply sychronize the project directories in one direction or the other depending on which platform modified the files last and be good.    Another option would be to keep the project on, say, a FW800 external drive.


      Advice appreciated!

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          I do this all the time at my place. I use FW-800 2TB externals (eSATA would be better), and just set up the Project on the external, with all Scratch Disks in that folder hierarchy. I Copy all Assets to their sub-folders, such as Stills, Videos, Audio, Music, etc. and edit away on the laptop, until time to go to the workstation.


          It works a treat, and good luck,




          PS - this will not require synchronization, as you will be the only editor. Just make sure that all Assets, or Copies from archive, are in their folders. Also, in the OS of each machine, set the drive letter the exact same, say Z:\.


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