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    Tag Library

    awothers Level 1

      I am teaching myself how to use Dreamweaver CS4. I am interested in finding out more about the Tag Library.

      1. How can I find a list c/w definition of the tags.
      2. How can I find out the settings of a tag. For example, what are the font, size etc settings for the tag <h1>?
      3. Can any of the settings for these tags be changed or do I have to set up a new class within the CSS to accomplish this?
      4. Thanks, Alan
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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          The tag library simply defines the tags that are supported by Dreamweaver. It has nothing to do with font sizes or anything like that.


          It sounds as though you are completely new to website design. If so, the tag library is something you won't need to bother with for many years. I have been developing websites for 16 years, and go to the tag library about once a year, if that.


          Go to www.w3schools.com, and learn about HTML and CSS. Also visit the Dreamweaver Developer Centre Getting Started Section (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/?view=gettingstarted), and follow the tutorials there. Once you have done so, come back here and ask more questions. But forget about the tag library. Its purpose is to determine whether tags should be indented, or start on new lines. It's also for advanced users to add custom tags of their own, for example when creating XML files that don't use standard tags.

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            awothers Level 1

            Thank you David. Yes I am quite new to web design. What prompted the question was that I was working through a tutorial on the NAPP site and at one point we had to modify the tags <a> and <img>. I will spend some time with the sites you suggest and will probably be back with more Qs. Thanks, Alan