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    Site Definition - local info, remote info confusion

    John Blaustein Level 4



      I am new to DW CS4, but doing well getting to know it.


      In the Site Definition dialog, Advanced Tab:


      Local Info:

      Links relative to document is selected.

      -- HTTP address -- I'm not quite sure which of the following to use:

      http:/www.johnblaustein.com --  this is my site

      http://johnblaustein.com/var/www/html/ -- this is the folder on the server that stores the site.


      Remote Info -- set as follows -- which works fine to connect:

      Access: FTP

      FTP host: johnblaustein.com

      Host directory: /var/www/html


      QUESTION:  On the Local Info Tab, which of the above two addresses do I use?  I think I simpy use http:/www.johnblaustein.com, but I am not sure.  Also, do I need the "www"?


      Thank you.