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    Index in HTML Help not displayed in alphabetical order

    LPMichael Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp


      I have a project whose primary layout is flagged as HTML Help


      I have generated the help and the index entries are displayed in the order in which they were entered


      I have verified the File->Project Settings is defined as Index File (HKK) and the Binary option is checked


      When I generate the help, the index entries display in the order entered and not alphabetically


      I changed the primary layout to WebHelp and generated output - the index displays alphabetically


      I created a new Index file and entered new indexes and still displays in generated help in entry and not alpha order


      I reset the Project Settings to uncheck/generate and then check/generate and it is still in entry order


      Any thoughts or direction?


      As always - thanks

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          That's a pretty odd situation! Are you able to right-click the index and choose "Sort"? If not, try configuring the primary layout to be WebHelp.


          Cheers... Rick



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            LPMichael Level 1

            Thanks Rick -


            I did set webhelp as primary layout and modified the Project Settings and it appeared to do something to the index entries (they flashed from top to bottom like it was being refreshed in some way). The webhelp output displayed the index in alpha order but when I put it back to HTML help the index does not order in alpha.


            I checked the right-click menu and found the Sort option, but the sub-options were both disabled. Not sure if it was webhelp or HTML. I will play with that though as I did not try it in both webhelp and HTML help.


            The odd part is that this is not just one project, it started with an existing project which also had issues with a topic template as well and I thought that may have caused this issue. But when it happened on new projects as well, I am thinking that there must be something set wrong. Just gotta find it.


            Thanks again - always appreciate it. Hit me up if you think of anything else. Will let you know if/when I correct this issue.



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              LPMichael Level 1

              To All --


              After repeated testing of the index in new and existing projects, I uninstalled and reinstalled RoboHelp (and also applied the 2 fixes that were posted in support). After the reinstall, I retested with a new and existing project and the index is now sorted alphabetically in my compiled HTML help.


              I can only assume the initial project with the issue caused some type of corruption of the application that affected generating the index for my compiled help. Please note, this only occurred in the HTML help output as I tested the project output to WebHelp and there were no issues with the project.


              Thanks again to Rick for advice --