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    Launching the Flex debugger from ant


      I use an ant target like this:


                      <target name="launch">


                                                      <exec executable="${FLASHPLAYER_EXE}" errorproperty="trace.output">

                                                      <arg line="'${DEPLOY_DIR}\SellersApp.swf'" />




      to launch a swf in the debug flash player.


      I would like to launch the Flex debugger and make use of break points etc.  I tried replacing FLASHPLAYER_EXE with the path to Flex, but that tried to launch a new instance of Flex.  I looked at the Ant manual but could not work out how to address the running instance of Flex that launched Ant.


      I have been using the Builder configuration method used here:



      But then I run into problems when I just try and run an Ant target independently - it insists on proceeding with the whole launch operation first.


      I posted a variation on the question here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/578171 but I think I named it poorly and put it in the wrong forum - so apologies for cross posting.