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    Problem Previewing Text

    Lateraline1 Level 1

      I am using Adobe Ai CS3.  While watching the Lynda.com tutorial, it shows editing text via using the Character menu on the top control panel.


      On the tutorial, when a certain text type is highlighted, a preview of the type, applied to your text, can be previewed (as you can this is not true for me).  I cannot figure out why I cannot preview the text when a certain type is highlighted.


      Ai Problem 1.jpg


      Please help, I have been looking through all the options and cannot figure it out!


      Kind Regards,


      Robert B

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          ecole7 Level 1

          Are you clicking in the new font on the list or just hovering over the list? Once you have your text selected on your document, drop down the character font list and use your arrow keys to move up or down the list and the font selected on your document should change to the highlighted font. If you are only hovering over the font drop-down list, you will not see your text change.

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            Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This feature doesn't work on a Mac.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              As Larry wrote unfortunately they have never brought it to the Mac and there are some mac users who do not think this is a good way to spec type.


              They prefer looking at the text in a specimen book or in a font viewer.Although I might do it they way they can on a windows  based workstation I would more likely look at it in a font viewer or specimen book.

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                Lateraline1 Level 1

                Many thanks for all the response.


                I am pretty sure I saw in a Lynda.com Tutorial for CS3 that when the text is highlighted, the character pallet can be opened and the text type can be scrolled through.  Rather than selecting the particular text type and watching the text change, I thought you could preview it just by hovering your mouse over the text type, similar to previewing other changes to objects in Ai.


                Thoguhts??  Could have been seeing stuff, but I thought I remeber...


                Kind Regards,



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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  Robert if you look a the above responses you will see the answer which is it works on the windows platform but not on the Mac platform which you are using.


                  it does not work on a Mac it does work on Windows



                  it does not work on a Mac it does work on Windows



                  it does not work on a Mac it does work on Windows