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    A NULL interface pointer has been dereferenced


      This was an answer to someone who had this error message. I scoured the web to see what I could find. This is what I wrote to him. Does anyone else have any answers or know a work around???




      After doing some research on the error message, "A NULL interface pointer has been dereferenced". There may be a work around.


      Are you on a Mac? If you are, you may want to try updating CS4 and Installing the 9.0.2 update either manually or using the Adobe Update Manager. However you mentioned you exported to AVI which I know is a PC codec. Still maybe there is a adobe update for the PC as well.


      Also, if you are using video footage that uses interframe compression in any of the video placeholders (mpeg, h.264, mp4, etc), or if you have one or two mp3 or aic audio files, that may be an issue as well.


      If that's the case, convert audio files to aiff or wav, and convert the video into something that doesn't use interframe compression. Maybe Photo Jpeg, Animation, or apple pro res.


      Are you using just pictures? If so, then that info won't help either.


      If you are just changing the text and using pictures, I'm not sure why you are getting the NULL interface error.


      Answer the questions above and I'll try and help you out some more.


      Cassidy Bisher




      Hello once again,


      If you could review this small issue I had with one of the templates or forward this to the customer service department.


      I have been attempting to render the Grid Warp Final Main Comp for some time now. It took me about 10 minutes to swap the text and pictures out, but the rendering process has taken me over 20 hours and I still havent been able to pinpoint the issue. I have tried rendering in After Effects CS3 and After Effects CS4 both which give the same result. The rendering process will get to anywhere from 400-600 frames and it will give me a warning saying: "After Effects warning: A NULL interface pointer has been dereferenced." Right after clicking OK on this warning another window comes up saying After Effects error: Quicktime export failed (14). This happens whether I export as FLV or if I use the render queue to do avi. Please advise on a possible solution when you have a chance as this heavily delayed our project time line. I have made sure there is no missing files in the project.