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    Question about Adobe Reader 9.3.1 update


      I had read that there would be an update for Adobe Reader today.   This evening I opened the Adobe Reader interface, went to Help >  Check for Updates, an update to version 9.3.1 was shown, and I updated.   After the update, I verified through Help > About Adobe Reader 9  that the new version was showing, just as I always do.


      I  opened the Firefox 3.6 browser and noticed that the plug-in version was  still showing version, the previous version.  I then examined  the installation folder where I have Adobe Reader installed in the  Program Files folder and to my surprise there were no new file dates.   On further examination, I discovered that the file versions for the  major files (AcroRd32.exe, etc.) still showed version  In the  entire folder and sub-folders only one file (AcroForm.api) in the  plug-ins sub-folder has the new version 9.3.1 number.  I rebooted my  system; no change.  I downloaded the installer, saved it to my hard  drive, closed my browser, ran the install.  I was given the choice of  Repairing or Removing version 9.3.1; I chose Repair, and it appeared to  go through an install/re-check of the files.  Still no changes in dates  or files versions except for the one file in the plug-ins sub-folder,  AcroForm.api.


      Can anyone explain this obvious  discrepancy?  Why a 26MB download to change a 10MB file?  Any  information or explanation will be appreceiated.


      My  system:  P4, XP SP3 fully updated, 1.5G RAM, updated Flash Player last  week to, Shockwave Player, everything up-to-date.

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          LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

          Is authplay.dll updated? New one in Reader folder should be dated 02/01/2010.

          The actual patch size is slightly over 5MB - not sure how you came up with 26MB

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            SafeBrowser Level 1

            Sorry that I did not answer sooner.  Yes, authplay.dll updated and has the 02/01/10 date.  I hope Mozilla does not change their plug-in checker to look for version 9.3.1, as the plug-in on my system still shows as version  Currently, Mozilla is checking for Reader version 9.3.


            I could be wrong about the 26MB initial update.  As I said in my original post, after appearing to have not properly updated, I downloaded the full installer and applied it; the full downloader is approximately 26MB.


            Thanks for your answer.