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    'Select Image Source' window won't update with new image


      I have DW CS3 and recently had to format my (pc)computer and reinstall.   I also upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista.  Since I did this I have a  strange problem in DW:

      On an existing htm page, if I have to update an existing image with a  new image, it won't update correctly.  This is what I do:

      Here is also a Screenshot: http://studio545.com/screenshot.htm

      - On an existing html page in DW, I need to change the image

      - In Properties, I click on the 'src' icon folder to select a new image  image I want to insert.

      - This launches the 'Select Image Source' window where I navigate to the  folder with the .jpg image, I click it and say, OK.

      - the File Name shows that I selected it, but at the bottom of this  window, the URL keeps the old image name in its window. Because of this,  the image will not change to the one I just selected.  If I select the  original image first, then clicking around on other images, it 'wakes  up' the URL to reflect the image selected.  What is going on?  I know I  am going to have a problem with this.

      NOTE: I have Relative to 'Document' selected, which shows the name of  the .htm file I am working on.

      Thanks for any help on this!