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    Program Monitor Problems

    Anthony Ferraro

      I'm new to CS4 & NLE altogether. I am working w/RED source footage on an iMac; have the RED Codec; set res to half.


      THE PROBLEM: Tho I have set the view in the Prog. Monitor to "fit," it changes with every clip I bring into the timeline. Sometimes it fits, other times it shows up a tiny rectangle with a black pasteboard around it, even tho the setting is still "fit." Or the rectangle will be larger but still framed in black. I have discovered resizing the image, but it often goes back to another size. This is ungodly frustrating.  Help!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Does you Captured footage match your Project Preset?


          Is all of your footage Captured at the same exact setting? Sounds like there might be several settings used, but could be wrong.


          If all things match 100%, then you should not have such behavior.


          How do things appear, when you set the Program Monitor's Magnification from Fit to 100%?


          Good luck,



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            Anthony Ferraro Level 1

            THanks, Hunt. Yes, my captured footage matches my project presets. All source footage captured at same settings.


            As to how things appear, it just depends on the day and the clip. Sometimes a clip fits perfectly in Fit, other times it is highly magnified or reduced. Sometimes setting it at 100% helps, but most of the time it doesn't.


            I'm completely flummoxed....

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I'm in the flummoxed boat, along with you. If the Captures are all the exact same, and they match the Project/Sequence Preset, I have no clue why things would change like this. My suspicion was that the Captured Clips had to differ, but they do not.


              Sorry, I am out of thoughts, but am looking for a sail for the flummoxed boat...


              Good luck,



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                Matt Petersen Level 3

                Can't say I've ever seen the behaviour where a timeline clip affects the view magnification of the Program monitor.


                Care to post say 1 or 2 seconds of RAW footage so we can try it in our versions? If you don't have a file-drop, I'm happy to loan mine.



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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Have you checked the "properties" of all the clips that are problematical and then compared them

                  to the ones that are not.


                  I do not know the structure of RED files but maybe you are looking at preview files (proxies) or similar.


                  How do you ingest  RED files into your system and then how do you import them into your project?