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    Exporting h.264 and color managment

    gold987987987 Level 1

      I'm wondering what everyone that owns the production suite does with color management.

      If you open Adobe Bridge....what are you color management settings?    The reason I'm asking is that I've got two 2408WFP monitors and I'm using CS3.  Everything looks great in Premiere CS3, but when export to h.264 I get horrible contrast results.  It really looks over exposed.  I've checked my Adobe Media Encoder settings and I'm exporting at 100% with 20,000kbps and it still looks like garbage.


      When I play the same footage on a iMac....it looks under exposed to the point I can barely see it.


      If this is a monitor calibration issue, how do you recommend I calibrate?  What do you use and what are your settings?  Also, does anyone else here use a 2408WFP monitor?


      Much thanks!