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    Upgrade project to TCS2


      I created a project in RoboHelp 7 (TCS1) and have now upgraded to RoboHelp 8 (TCS2).


      After the upgrade I opened the project and upgraded all the files. There have been a couple of little glitches but basically it seems to work OK.


      But now I've discovered in the Help that if I open a project created in an earlier version I'm supposed to do 1 of 3 things:

      • create standard folders based on the flat folders  etc.....       What does that mean? What's a flat folder ... or standard folder?  Where do I do this - in RoboHelp or Windows Explorer?
      • this option applies to doc management systems ... doesn't affect me
      • Save all topics at the top level of the Project Manager.  ...  again, is this in RoboHelp or WIndows Explorer? And then I can re-create folders under the top level and move the topics back (?) I don't understand.


      Can anyone explain why if I need to do any of this, if I really do.

      And would it be possible if they could clarify the instructions somewhat ... what to do and where. The instructions in the Help are too abstract, especially without any understanding of what we're achieving by doing this.




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Can you help us to locate the help topic(s) with that information?


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            Tree59 Level 1

            Hmm, good question.


            From in RoboHelp, Help menu, Contents & Index, I get a CHM Help "Using Adobe RoboHelp HTML8".


            It's in the Projects chapter, Create and open projects / Open a project / Before opening a project.


            [copy and paste ...]

            Before opening a project

            RoboHelp uses the same folder structure as Windows Explorer. Earlier versions  use the same structure, but present a different view of that structure.

            By default, when you create a RoboHelp HTML project, the project is saved in  the MyRoboHelp Projects folder.

            If you open a project created with an earlier version, do one of the  following:

            • Create standard folders based on the flat folders. Save your topics in the  standard folders. All references are automatically updated for the new paths.  RoboHelp can create folders using the same names and structure as the custom  folders from the earlier version. All topics in the custom folders are saved in  the new folders.

            • If you save your folders in a document management program such as Microsoft  Visual SourceSafe, your project structure changes as well. In this case, back up  your project before opening it in RoboHelp. Then create a SourceSafe folder  based on the converted folder structure.

            • Save all topics at the top level of the Project Manager. This  top-level folder is called HTML Files (Topics). You can create additional  folders and move your topics into them after you open the project. In essence,  you save all topics in HTML Files (Topics), but the files are in your project  folder. The reason is that HTML Files (Topics) is used only in RoboHelp. Create  custom folders (which are treated as standard folders) and move your files into  them after opening the project in RoboHelp.
              Note: Do not use Windows Explorer  to create subfolders to add, move, or rename files. RoboHelp does not recognize  these changes.


            [End copy and paste]


            I've just looked in the same place on the RoboHelp Help on the web (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/RoboHelp/8.0/RoboHTML/), and that subsection isn't there.


            And yes, I know RoboHelp is supposed to be opening an AIR Help.  After first installing TCS2 I got the AIR Help, but I then attempted to intall CS3. After some hours of IT support we discovered these weren't compatible so we removed CS3 and reinstalled TCS2, but the AIR Help has disappeared, replaced with a CHM file in RoboHelp, and nothing in FrameMaker (though there's still a link to a PDF).  I've asked IT to see if they can get AIR back, but assumed that the CHM had the same content.


            So, is it that the CHM Help I'm seeing is outdated and this advice should be ignored?