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    Make a group of pictures 'accelerate'

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      Hello all,

      I have a bunch of pics that i show for a second... I manually added them and lets say im playing the movie at 24fps, set i set their duration to 24frames...

      but then i'd like to speed them gradually (accelerate them, or even at some point just play a bunch at a constant fast speed where each frame takes up very little time... but this would be time consuming manually to set-up).


      Like when you show a bunch of pictures showing commotion/war, and at the end of a scene you want a flood of images to quickly go by to overwelm the viewer...

      Well i dont want to do this manually by adding hundreds of more frames... is there a plugin to do something like this or a shortcut?


      Thanks for any ideas ,


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          There is probably an easier way to do this . . . . . but this will work.




          In the project window highlight all your pics.



          Drag the whole lot to the new composition icon at the bottom of the project windown.



          In the window that pops up . . . . go for 'single composition' + 'sequence layers' + set your duration to 1 second.



          Ok . . . . . now you have a sequence that has all your pictures running for a second each.



          (OK this next bit is less than efficient, but I am making it simple / straightforward).



          Render off the composition as a quicktime . . . import this quicktime.



          In the project window - 'interpret footage' this quicktime and set the 'loop' setting to 9999 - (just so you don't run out of pics)



          Now make a composition with this quicktime.



          Once the quicktime is in the composition - enable time remapping . . . now set two key frames for time remapping and play around with the last one in graph view to make the frames accelerate.


          You want to curve the graph as it goes from the first key frame to the last . . . . .




          Hope that makes sense !

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            Instead of rendering out the first comp, then importing it, can't you just pre-compose the photo comp to enable time-remapping on it?

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              armyofda12monkeys Level 1

              K, I shall try this later when i get home and see if it works out. I think I can definatley follow along your instructions.


              Wonder if that other guy is correct in that don't need to render/import the sequence that want to use.


              I will let you know if works out!



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                yes that worked! thank you!


                I also tried using the sub-composition by just dragging it into the main composition since it had already alot of frames + thought it would be enough to time-remap that ... but couldnt set it to loop since it looked better using about 1.5x more frames. So just did the render on the sub-composition and set it to loop a couple times. it worked out really well