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    Parameters in Url..how do I use login information to insert the primary key


      Uggg, it is 3 am, I am so tired. Please help.

      I have made a registration page for my site. Hurray it works.

      Login Page. It works

      Protected some pages. Works

      Now I am trying to make a page that the users can go to and update their user information. User name, password, email ect.

      I can get it to prepopulate if I put ?id=3, or someother primary key in the url by hand.....and it does update the data.... but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to make it use the users login information to get and insert the primary key in the url from the link to the update page.

      I have used the hyperlink box and chose the updateaccount.php file, then went to parameters and selected Name: id Value: I chose id from the dropdown from the data base. This puts in an echo that looks like it should work. NO SUCH LUCK.

      Pleeeese!!! What am I doing wrong.

      I am a total novice. Done a few static sites. So please speak slowly.

      Thanks sooooo much