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    No liscense for the device type?


      So, my Digital Editions refuses to let me view my ebooks or download them.  Everytime I try

      something the "Document not liscensed for this device type" message pops up.

      Anyone know what this is all about and how to fix it?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          This message means that the place where you purchased the book from restricts the viewing of that book to a single device, and the device that you are viewing from is not the same device that you are currently trying to read or download it from.  If you feel that the error is incorrect you need to work with the bookseller to get a new download link.

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            I have a Mac OS 10.6.2. I had a sony ereader using with ADE on my PC. downloading public library books. The device would never show up in ADE on my Mac. I now have the new Nook from Barnes and Noble. I would really like to use it on my Mac. but again the Nook device will not show up in ADE on the Mac. Is there a secret to achieving this or is it just not going to happen?

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              I had the same problem with my Nook, but it was because when I first installed ADE, I didn't have an Adobe user name.  It installs ADE differently when you do that.


              So I dug around on the hard drive and found Adobe stuff all over the place, including not only user areas, but the system areas also.  Deleted every reference to ADE and the Adobe stuff I knew wouldn't affect my other Adobe products and restarted, re-installed ADE and then plugged in the Nook, and THEN started ADE.  It found the Nook and it works fine now.


              I don't know if this is the fix in your case.

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                jdschiller Level 1

                Thank you. that fixed it. Once I restarted ADE after connecting my Nook.