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    Remote control UI elements




      i really enjoy the smooth workflow in lightroom, but I realized, that my

      daily work mainly consist of some few steps...

      So i thought about a external control keyboard (like http://www.rpgkeys.com/product.php?productID=30)

      which allows me to quickly access often used worksteps.

      Also I can develop my images in fullscreen mode without the need of the

      control sidebar visible.


      I started to get into the SDK, but there seems to be no way to hack into

      the UI elements... (although you can declare "observer" callback functions)

      I read that the Lightroom runs plug-ins in basically the same environment

      as it runs its own code, so....


      Is it maybe possible to hook into the LR main UI task to control the UI

      elements via a LUA thread, with monitor the inputs of the external controller

      (vie UDP/serial/USB/Midi or whatever is possible)