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    Flash Variable

    Sefdsdf Level 1
      listnum = 1;
      addressVars = new LoadVars();
      addressVars.load(" http://www.gatoona.com/hello/vids/index.php");
      addressVars.onLoad = function() {
      theLink = addressVars.comboData1;
      theLink2 = this["addressVars.comboData" + listnum];}

      Here is the exact AS code to load variables from a php on a server. The variable theLink is able to show the variable from the PHP, but the variable theLink2 only shows Undefined. If I were to remove the "this" in "this["a.." it shows theLink2 as addressVars.comboData1, which is exactly the link to the variable in the PHP, but it shows it literally as that in text, not the variable of it.