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    Export from Premiere Pro




      My problem:


      When i am trying to export a sequenze from premiere like this: mark the sequenze, file -> export -> media, the program freezes (I only get plings, and nothing happens when I try to do whatever). I have to hit alt + f4, and then premiere is active, but can't export. I have done this many, many times before, so it can't be anything wrong with the installation. I have tried to open .VOB-files in premiere, burt without any luck. I saw somewhere now, that :VOB are not listed as compatible. Can this have caused the problem? In either cases, how can I export the sequences from premiere, when as described over does not work?

      That moves me on to my next problem. I have a DVD with animations made in premiere, while the DVD with menues where made in Adobe Encore. I had a hard drive-crash, and lost the movies - but, luckily I still had a DVD. But the files on the DVD are .VOB-files, and Adobe doesn't like them. How can I edit my own films, made in Adobe programs, when Adobe won't?


      Thank you!

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          pjottol Level 1

          I forgot to write: CS4

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            VOB files are no problem with 4.2.1. Just update PR.

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              pjottol Level 1

              Thank you!


              .VOB-files are no longer a problem.


              I still got a problem with exporting the sequences. No error messages, it just freezes premiere when I try to export - and I have to use alt + f4 to get back to editing (which doesn't shut down premiere, but shuts down (Media Encoder - that can't be seen?) what makes it freeze). I have tried waiting for a couple of hours too, but still nothing happens.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This ARTICLE will give you some background on VOB containers, and what can be in them.


                As Harm points out, CS4.2 will Import and work with 100% DVD-compliant (VERY IMPORTANT) VOB's.


                Good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  What format are you trying to Export out of AME? What are the complete settings?


                  Good luck,



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                    pjottol Level 1

                    Thanks again!


                    The .VOB-files are okey now. I've probably not been running update often enough. I guess.


                    But now it should be fully updated, and still there's a problem with exporting!


                    I have now tried to open the same project-file in an other PC, and now I can export the sequence. I'm not doing anything different. I export it as a microsoft avi-file, but on the first PC, the one I'm having trouble with, I can't get as far as choosing this - premiere freezes without opening any dialog boxes, or AME. That's my problem.

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                      pjottol Level 1

                      I read this article, the other day, before you posted it here, and it helped

                      alot on the .VOB-file problem. Thank you!

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        You are most welcome. Many think that VOB = MPEG-2. For the most part it does, but then there's that first VOB, that can contain other "stuff." So long as that is 100% DVD-compliant, there are few issues with CS4.2. However, many programs and hardware rather muck with the Menus and navigation, and suddenly PrPro cannot handle that initial VOB.


                        Side note: if you notice, all be maybe the last VOB will be right at 1GB in size. That is why one cannot have more Menus and navigation, than will fit in a 1GB space - part of the DVD-specs.


                        As for why one machine is acting wonky on you, maybe the tips in this ARTICLE will be helpful?


                        Good luck, and let us know what is different between the machine that works, and the one that does not.