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    Fireworks CS3 app is slow

      I have now had to re-install Fireworks MX as this is the only Fireworks application that responds with any speed.

      I've tried Fireworks MX 2004, Fireworks 8 and Fireworks CS3 all 3 of which are painfully slow when swapping between applications. I have to wait around 10 seconds for it to respond before I can continue working.

      I've trawled the web for a solution to no avail.
      I'm running:
      Dell Dimension 8400
      Windows XP SP3
      3.25GB of RAM
      Radeon X800 SE video card

      Any other app in the CS3 range is fine, I've tried disabling anti-virus, removing services, changing compatibility modes and numerous other things to no avail.

      Any help much appreciated.