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    How to find background frame/grouped frames in ID CS4

    gopaljay78 Level 1



      I am doing the task of placing the images into the indesign pages based on  its references text. For example, If there is a text "Figure 1", then figure 1 is placed on that page. I wrote the JS script for doing the art placement. This works fine.


      The problem is, if there is more than one reference in a same page, for example, we have "Figure 1 and Figure 2", my script will place both images in the same page one before another.

      In this situation, I want to place Figure 1 on same page and Figure 2 on next page. For this, I need to find whether any grouped frames is placed at background before placing figure 2.


      Is this possible to find whether any frame is placed at background before placing another frame.


      For your reference, I have attached a screen shot to show this image placement (at bottom of the page).