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    Making a Capitvate movie for the iPhone


      Hi all.


      I am looking to do online training for an iPhone using Captivate.  I have done this before using SOTI and skins for other Windows Devices but SOTI does not support iPhone or Droid (another movie I need to do).


      Basically I am looking for an iPhone simulator where my iPhone would be displayed on my screen and I can capture all of the movements on the device using Captivate.


      Has anyone done any iPhone training of this sort?  I don't want to download the Apple SDK since that's on a Mac and Captivate doesn't run on Macs.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Hi Erika--  This probably won't be too much help to you now, but I've seen a demo online of the upcoming Flash CS5 which contains a "Publish to iPhone" option.  In theory, you could export out your Captivate project to Flash CS5, then publish from there.  (Unless, of course, Adobe includes this publish to iPhone capability in Captivate 5.)




          Again, I'm sure this isn't very useful to you now, but depending on your timing need (and Adobe's rollout of CS5), maybe this could be a option for you.


          Good luck!




          Edit> sorry, I just re-read your message and realized what I posted isn't what you're looking for at all.  Instead, you're looking to capture activity FROM an iPhone.  Have you thought about "ScreenFlow" or one of the other Mac screen capture utilities using the Apple iPhone SDK?  ScreenFlow captures in QuickTime format, but you could use the Adobe Video Encoder to convert to FLV to use in Captivate.  (Convoluted, I realize, but it might achieve what you're looking for...)