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    Adobe Media Encoder




      I'm working with the latest version of Premiere PRO CS4.


      I've been having problems with AME in that part way through creating FLV files with Media Encoder, the process simply stops.  This has happened a few times now and has been causing major problems as I'm letting down my clients by not being able to deliver.


      I've read the existing thread on a related matter, and want to open this up as a new discussion.


      My next course of action is to:


      1. Retry after updating CS4 from the Help menu (I'm assuming AME will be updated)

      2. Opening the sequence directly from AME


      A few more facts:


      1. My old OS Vista-64 the problem was intermittent, with only some sequences.  I i) created new projects ii) created new sequences.  Neither of these solved the problem and I needed to recut the videos.

      2. I just installed Windows 7-64 and the first sequence I tried to encode stopped - this was an hour long video

      3. I am using Premier to combine Sony HD videos with desktop capture AVI's produced from Camtasia Studio - chroma key (green screen) - I am creating FLV files with Adobe Media Encoder.

      4. I have created many FLV files using AME (Vista-64) and the problem I described probably happend on 5% of videos.  I'm concerened because the 1st one I tried on Windows 7-64 stopped mid way through the process.


      I will repost to let you know my results but saw this was a problem.


      Adobe - is this a known issue, what do you recommend?


      I have paying clients that are being let down becuase the software is not doing what is supposed to be doing.


      Thank you.



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          jpw21683 Level 1



          I have a feeling that it has to do with the videos captured by Camtasia.  As a test, can you duplicate your sequence, remove all the Camtasia clips, then render using the same settings in AME?


          Back in the Premiere Pro 2.0 days, I know I had a project with Camtasia footage in it, and I had no probs.  The last time I tried this (Premiere CS4 + newer version of Camtasia Studio), I ran into editing problems (i.e. videos were garbled, wouldn't play their entire length inside of Premiere).  I couldn't find a workaround, so I eventually gave up.


          But searching Adobe's help, I found this post.  Wish I had that info for that last project!  Give it a shot, and reply with your results.

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            apweng Level 1

            Hi thanks for the help.


            I've created many videos from Camtasia and been able to work with them effectivley in Premier and AME.  The problem is intermittent.


            I'm currently encoding a file after i) running Adobe updates and ii) opening the Premier Sequence directly from AME.


            If this doesn't work I'll have a closer look at the Camtasia Studio issue you had suggested.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Maybe the tips in this ARTICLE will be useful for setting up your system for intense processing and video editing.


              You might also want to post the complete specs. on your computer, in case something is interfering with the encoding.


              Good luck,



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                apweng Level 1

                Hi Bill thanks for your help.


                I have a quad core processor 2.2Ghz with 3G RAM running Windows 7 64-bit.


                It's a fresh install of the OS.  I will try your suggestions.