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    slideshow problem


         See attached file :

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, we are not Adobe employees, but users, just as yourself. We all use some version of PrE, and many also use some version of PSE.


          As for the crashing, this ARTICLE will give you tips on setting up your computer for an editing session. There are also many useful articles on setting up the OS and the hardware on your computer, and they are located in the FAQ Sub-forum.


          As for creating a SlideShow in PSE, you have to bear with me, as I use other programs. However, there are two ways to Export a SlideShow from PSE: one can choose to just Export it and they will get a WMV file for playing on a computer, or they can Export to PrE. The latter will Export the SlideShow in a form that can be easily edited in PrE, when one chooses the Break Apart SlideShow, once it is into PrE. This will be best done from the Timeline View Mode, and not from the Sceneline View Mode.


          If there are multiples of images, they should show up there.


          Now, what format were the songs in? There are many different formats possible, but one, PCM/WAV, works much better than others. MP3's are highly problematic. Sometimes, they work, and sometimes they do not. One can use many different programs to get MP3's into the WAV format. If you do not have an audio-editing program already, I recommend the free Audacity. Just Open the MP3 in it, and choose Save_As, and in the settings box, choose PCM/WAV (uncompressed) and 48KHz (sample-rate) and 16-bit (bit-depth). The resulting WAV will be Imported into either PrE, or PSE, and can be used in your SlideShow.


          Others will likely be able to help you out more on your SlideShow creation and Exporting it to PrE.


          Also, you do not need to attach the DOC file. You can compose your post in Word (or other), and then just do a Copy/Paste, pasting into the forum's editing screen. This will allow users to see it, without having to open it in Word/WordPad. The attachment function can be useful, however, if you have a very long text document, like an error log, etc.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            Firstly this is a community forum hosted by Adobe but whose members are users, not Adobe employees. So the parts of your note addressed to Adobe you should submit by clicking the big Adobe symbol at the top left of this page.


            Secondly you say your objective is to get a refund. As you have had the software for three weeks you are perilously close to the thirty day refund limit - put you claim in immediately so it is registered before the thirty days.


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