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    Problems view not working


      I'm coming from .NET background,so i am fairly new to FLEX and i have a few problems-mainly with FLEX BUILDER 3.But my main concern is the problems view,it seems to not working as it should.I am curious is there a way to setup the problems view so it shows real-time error checking,as i type if i make a mistake it should be presented in the problems view.The main problem is that when i run(build) a program it does not show the correct amount of errors.I just created an application with numerous errors(on purpose) to see what will the compiler say,and it says only one error(there are at least 15 errors).I really want to learn FLEX,but it is proving to hard,because my main tool is not working as it should.So please,if anyone knows how to setup the IDE for problems view to work as it should,i would be very grateful!!


      p.s. sorry for my english,it is not my native language


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          Ok, I understand your problem very well.


          From my observation the flex component will not be compile unless it is referenced in another file(which is already compiled). Another issue- you will not see the errors unless you save the file, I'm from java background this looks weird for me to .but we have to live with it.


          Some times it wont even show the errors in a module unless you go to that module and modify a file(usually i put a space in a line) and save, then the errors start to pop. Good luk

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