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    Clustered server environment CFLOGIN not replicating


      I have been struggling with this for some time now and have come up blank.


      We have set the following in our application.cfc


      This.name = "XXXXX";
      This.sessionmanagement = "true";
      This.clientManagement = "false";
      This.setClientCookies = "false";
      This.setDomainCookies = "true";
      This.loginstorage = "session";
      This.clientstorage = "cagc_iBuild";
      This.scriptProtect = "all";


      The login is this

      <cflogin idletimeout="600" applicationtoken="XXXXX" cookiedomain="cookieDomainName">


      We have got a cluster of 2 instances running with Sticky Sessions and Replicate Sessions enabled. Both instances have Use J2EE session variables and Enable Session Variables enabled.


      When we stop an instance the user is taken to the other instance and any session variables that I have set are replicated, but the login details (getAuthUser) are not. The user is logged out and has to log in again.


      I had thought that the user SHOULD have stayed logged in across the instances.


      If I am incorrect in my thinking, please someone let me know. If I am correct in my thinking and anyone has successfully got this to work, then I would also like to know. If anyone can see something wrong with the above code, then I would like to know. Heck if anyone just wants to write to say hello that's cool too


      Thanks for any help