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    Scripting a Book


      I'm looking for a solution to this particular problem:

      I have an InDesign book containing several documents; in some of these, I have a swatch called "Black 2", based on [Black] (the default black swatch).

      How can I tell ID to delete the copy and swap it with the original? I can't use the Syncronize command because that's the only swatch I want to affect, in different chapters I have different swatches.

      Hope it's clear, thank you in advance,


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          Steven.. Level 3

          I really understand your problem. Its a big weakness in the sychronize capability for books that doesn't allow for synchronizing partial style lists or swatches. In the past I have solved this issue by adding a document to book with only the desired styles and setting as master and running sync.


          However I am working on a real solution with my book plugin that will include a powerful synchronize option including this and many other features. Here is a little snapshot of what it looks like in its pre-alpha stage.




          Steven Bryant