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    Deleting a Captivate SWF out of Robohelp

    adrianaharper Level 1

      Hi all, I'm using TCS2 on Windows XP.RH -


      I have a question about deleting multimedia files out of RH - namely Captivate SWFs. I have a Captivate SWF that I imported by reference into an FM doc which is linked to an RH project. I seem unable to just 'delete' the Captivate SWF from Robohelp- either by removing it from the FM book and updating or by deleting it manually from RH (no option to delete that I can see).


      If I create a new Captivate video from within RH (by using the NEW >> Captivate DEMO) functionality - it creates a SWF and automatically puts it into RH, but I am still unable to delete the SWF - I have to delete the whole topic from RH (which does, I can confirm, delete the SWF).


      Can anyone tell me if this is correct- or am I missing something that would allow me to just delete a SWF out of Robohelp?