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    ParallelElement (containing VideoElement and SerialElement) cannot seek




      I've built a small test player to test out ParallelElement's, and have run into a problem with VideoElement's and SerialElements.


      My SerialElement contains several DurationElement's with ImageElement's. Unfortuneately, I am unable to seek this ParallelElement. It appears that when paused, the DurationElement's current time is also reset to 0. I've noticed some other anomalies with these elements (ie. elements being skipped over in the serial element).


      I have not found a workaround for this yet, and will likely need to create a seperate video file for my secondary element (which seeks fine in a ParallelElement).


      Is there something I'm missing in regards to how the serial element should be built to allow seeking? (ie. Duration element wrapping the serial element?)


      I have attached the code, including test elements, that I have at this point. (Clicking the display will build the elements and start playing. Shift click pauses.)




      There's no reason why I can't do this with cue points and a seperate proxy element, so I may go this route instead. Though, I'm still interested to know why these two elements aren't seeking (would remove some complexity in my application)