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    Advice for Handling Disconnects and Reconnects?

    turbidity Level 1

      Hello, everyone. I'm trying to build in a reconnection manager to handle when a user gets disconnected by attempting to reconnect for a set number of times at a given interval. I've been able to manage the reconnecting, but when I reconnect, telling the player to play again doesn't start or resume playback. The only solution I have found is to reset the media element on the player, which restarts the media from the beginning, rather than the time where the viewer was when the disconnect happened. I imagine I can grab the time on the connection close event handler, reset the media, and seek to the time once the player is reconnected. However, this does not seem optimal. This leads me to two questions:


      1. Is there a better way to get the player to start playing the interrupted media again?


      2. There is nothing that I can see in the OMSF that handles a connection being closed. Is this something that should be/will be handled?