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    Does any one have a Script template to use for installing Adobe patches through Group Policy?


      Hi everyone,


           I am a novice when it comes to creating batch files or script files to install patches on networked computers.  The last one I did for the Adobe 9.3 update worked but on some machines it did not fully install and I had to end up manually re-installing on several machines.  Because of the new 9.3.1 update being released along with the AIR and the Flash updates I need to update all 3 of them at the same time.  Would anyone by chance have a working template I could use to install multiple Adobe patches at either startup or shutdown.  I can try and write one myself but it will probably have mixed results (and or not work at all).  Thank you!


      P.S.  Sorry if this has already been discussed but I unfortunately don't have time to search through forums to see if the soultion was presented or not.  If this has been discussed before and a script or batch file template solution has been created please re-direct me to the link.  Thanks again!