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    Timecode Delay


      I have been capturing footage on my Imac connected to a Sony J-30SDI via firewire. I have been capturing for about a year with no problems until yesterday. There all the sudden seems to be some sort of delay on the time code reading in the capture window.

      For Example: I will put in the correct IN & OUT point and click on capture In/Out. The Deck will immediately start start rewinding/Fast forward to find the In Point. But there seems to be a delay on the time code reading on the capture window. It won't start going right away and will continue to loss time while capturing. Now it will correctly capture the right IN & OUT points but after the deck is done, I have wait until Premiere has caught up. (Usually about a minute for every 3 min captured). The Timecode & time duration will continue to go until it has reached the correct time. While capturing longer clips, it isn't that big a deal, but can really be difficult capturing a few seconds at a time.

      Any ideas?