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    Export form results to pre-formatted Word or PDF > email


      I am new to this forum and new to Dreamweaver 8 and I have a question.


      Here is what I want to achieve, using on online form:


      1. My salesman inputs his client's name, address etc.;
      2. The salesman selects the products or services that his client is interested in;
      3. Some of the items selected need to be named, so he has a field where he can type in the name;
      4. Once the salesman has entered all of the client's order (or quote), he hits submit.


      Now here is where it goes over my head.


      1. The results of the order, as typed in, are exported to a Word document, which has been pre-formatted with our colors, logo, etc. The finished product is a professional-looking document that can serve as either a proposal or an agreement.
      2. The document is automatically emailed to the client, and can be printed right from the client's computer. Instant good-looking document.


      Am I dreaming? Can this be done in Dreamweaver or using another prodcut that you might know about?



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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          It's possible, but speaking from experience it is not a path that I would recommend a business to take.  Here's the reasoning behind this.  While it is good to make these nice looking quotes and other documents, are you planning on storing the information in a database or in some way that would be accessible to your invoicing system (or are you building the invoicing system? if so that is a completely different beast).  Having these are nice, but if the quoting system is separate from the invoicing system, it is a path that most businesses, and especially sales people, want to avoid.  It would be creating an extra unnecessary steps in their process.


          My suggestion to you would be that you if have the programming experience and want to undertake the job go for it.  Dreamweaver won't program this for you though.  So if you don't have the experience there are plenty of invoicing/quoting/sales solutions out there for .NET, PHP or whatever programming language you wish to use.  Off the top of my head for PHP, SugarCRM comes to mind.  I am pretty sure they have some invoicing modules, plus it is a CRM so your sales people can keep track of who they meet.