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    How to get Bridge-hosted ACR to always open 32-bit PS?

    Dennis 1111 Level 2

      I am using CS4 on the 64-bit version of Windows 7.  Does anyone know how I can force ACR to use the 32-bit version of PS instead of the 64-bit version when using the "Open in Camera Raw" method from Bridge?


      I have made file association and registry changes so that everything else (double-click a CR2 file in Bridge, using Open, etc.) uses 32-bit PS.  When I use the ACR hosted by Bridge via the "Open in Camera Raw", however, and then do an "Open Image", ACR will always use the 64-bit version of PS unless the 32-bit version of PS is already open.


      I am trying to form a new habit of using the PS-hosted version of ACR with the "Open" command but it is a hard habit to break.  It also takes a little longer the first time I use ACR.  I´d love to use 64-bit all the time but I have third-party filters that work only on the 32-bit version.


      Any ideas?