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    SWF not playing on localhost (through Apache) [Might be size related]




      I've been looking for days now and can't find an answer to this problem (even within the apache community).


      My swf plays fine when loaded outside of the local server, just clicking the swf or the html page loading it.

      It also plays fine in the .fla preview.

      When I uploaded it on my webspace, it worked as well.

      I tried playing it on my localhost at work and it worked...


      Now, when I try to play it through my local server at home (apache 2.0), it doesn't work.


      What I found out is the swf will play if I remove some images, which is why I think it might be a size related issue. Like, when the swf file is smaller than 50ko it works, when it gets bigger (75ko for exemple) it doesn't.

      I've seen some issues when the server tries to compress the files, etc, but I don't think it's the case as I tried with and without mod_deflate with no change at all.

      I've also seen issues related to firewalls, so I tried disabling my firewall, my anti-virus and anything I could think of. No change...


      Any idea would be most welcomed as I'm getting pretty desperate to get it to work by now.