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    AR6 app/shortcut launches AA5


      I have Adobe Reader 6 (AR6) and Adobe Acrobat 5 (AA5) which were  functioning fine together.

      Now, for some reason, AA5 always  starts when I try to launch/start AR6.

      I have tried to correct  this issue by re-installing both to no avail.


      If I reapply Acro-Reader_606_Update.exe then AR6 works fine until  next time AA5 is used.
      Then AA5 always launches when I click on AR6.


      Can  this be corrected?
      Any advise to correct this will be greatly  appreciated.
      Thanks, Tracey

      \Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0
      \Program  Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0



      I want AA5 to remain the primary PDF app that launches when clicking on a PDF.


      But  I do have circumstances when I specifically want to use AR6 (search functionality/features) in  AR6 that are not in AA5).


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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use only one of both or upgrade to Acrobat 9.

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            Tracey002 Level 1

            I don't think that is an alternative that I can or desire to use.

            Since it they did work harmoniously in times past, I would like to fix the issue if at all possible.

            Thanks, Tracey

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That issue comes up frquently in here. There is no "fix".


              It is neither a recommended nor supported setup to have both installed.

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                Tracey002 Level 1

                Does anyone know how to disable the Acrobat.exe (AA5) TSR feature?


                I have discovered that when AA5  is first launched after booting, AA5 {NOW} leaves behind a TSR process when AA5 is closed (appearing as the Acrobat.exe process in the Task Manager)


                At this point when AR6 is launched AA5 appears.


                If I <end> the AA5 TSR process then:


                Acrobat.exe (AA5) is launched when a PDF document is selected, but no TSR entry appears/re-appears.


                AcroRd32.exe (AR6) is launched when AR6 is selected.


                Subsequent use of AA5 and AR6 now work

                as they did before... until I (start / reboot) the system :-(
                Rather than manually END the AA5 process every time, I would like to disable the AA5 TSR feature altogether and just wait a little longer each time AA5 is needed.


                If anyone can help with this issue I would greatly appreciate it.
                Thanks, Tracey
                I did NOT have this issue before so some {registry / option / parameter} setting somehow controls the TSR feature.