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    Kevin Lynch


      I saw this interview with Kevin Lynch on http://www.macrumors.com/2010/02/17/adobe-executive-kevin-lynch-discusses-flash-on-mac-iph one-and-ipad/


      He actually says that Adobe listens to end-users! He really wonders why Steve Jobs does not want this junk on a Mac.


      Adobe is well aware of all the bugs in Flash, the Flash player, Fireworks and Dreamweaver. They simply pretend there is no problem and are suprised that webdesigners try to move away from Flash as much as possible. And Kevin, in case you have never used Flash on a Mac, it really does crash a lot!


      To me it is simple. If the bugs in CS4 are not fixed then I consider CS5 a free update.


      Microsoft needed a few years to wake up (they seem to slowly get their act together with Win7 and Win7 mobile), but Adobe is the new Microsoft. I wonder how much market share they need to lose before they change their attitude.

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Your take is interesting, and also extremist.


          Lets try using some logic and reason for a minute here...


          85% of the top websites on the internet have Flash content on them.

          The Flash Platform is only growing in popularity, not losing market share in the slightest.  The Flash IDE may be losing market share, but it is not the only tool out there to develop Flash content on.  The Flash Player is still going very strong, and growing.


          With the imminent release of player 10.1 and AIR 2.0, Adobe will officially be on smart phones. The player will be on pretty much every smart phone EXCEPT the iPhone, (or be able to be anyways). The Google phone is selling at an alarming and increasing rate (as of the end of Google's past quarter it was selling 60,000 phones a day, and that number more than doubled over the quarter), which places it in direct competition with the iPhone.  Apple should find themselves losing market share soon enough, especially when people start realizing that they can browse the REAL internet if they hop over to a different vendor.


          To say that Adobe is the new Microsoft is very narrow.  You look at the Creative Suite.... a place that Adobe has fallen short lately, and you could take that viewpoint, certainly.  But if you look at Adobe as a whole, they are pushing the internet, mobile and not, forward with every step.  They started the Open Screen Project, and are constantly teaming up with as many large manufacturers of hardware and software to push that initiative forward.  This is something Microsoft never cared about, and seemingly still doesn't.  Adobe wants the end users experience to be the same regardless of their OS or device, and they are constantly working to make it so.  They have a long way to go, admittedly, but they are on the right path, and, as I see it, are further along than most.


          As I see it, Apple is the new Microsoft.  I am literally waiting for Apple to get hit with antitrust lawsuits.  They constantly break patents, infringe copyrights, and use their muscle as a large corporation to smooth it out.  No-one is better at this than Apple.  You realize they were recently hit with an ironclad patent infringement lawsuit from Kodak?  Also, they have had to backstep on both the iPhone and the iPad launches (legally enforced in the UK, btw) because of false advertisement in their claims. Apple is trying to control every point of their devices, and claiming that its a better experience.


          And, as for the flashPlayer on the Mac......  this has been bruited about for years.  I, myself, have frequently used Apple computers, and have NEVER had a problem.  I know others that have had the exact opposite experience, but also that have had the same experience as me.  Obviously there is a problem, but it doesn't affect everyone, and Adobe has stated REPEATEDLY that they are working on fixing it.  Indeed, with player 10.1, the testing so far has shown that it is dramatically reduced, if not eliminated.


          If you are going to argue a case, do it with facts, not extremist statements that have no backing.  All of the information (except that which is obviously my opinion) in this post has come from blog posts, and has been corroborated by multiple sources. Please show me a study that shows that the flashPlayer has lost ANY market share, let alone something significant.  (Remember that many companies jumped to silverlight early, and then jumped right back because silverlight wasn't up to the challenge. Also remember that over 90% of the video on the internet is still served up via the flashPlayer, because it is, arguably, the best way to serve video online)

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            waterdad568 Level 3

            Yeah. What Ross said.



            And not to mention the fact that CS5 will be able to produce iPhone-iPad apps natively and standalone. And not to mention almost without exception, every Adobe employee who has done video tutorials uses Macs. I wonder why they would do that if the pairing is so unstable? I run all systems and several varients, and I have purposely tried (very hard at times mind you) to kill a Mac with CS4 and have yet to be able to do it.


            The internet simply would not be as visually entertaining and graphically interactive as it is today without Flash, like it or not.


            I hope your life turns around and you feel better. Feel the love.